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Updated: Sep 18, 2021

If you have ready/finished short films, feature film, web series or youtube content, then don't keep your talent limited to film festivals or youtube. We provide your incredible creations OTT platforms, nationally and globally like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hungama, MX Player, VOOT, Epic on, Short TV, ULLU etc.

The following films are already streaming on MX Player.

1. Nashebaaz (English Meaning- Drug abuser ) a film by Dheeraj Sharma, which explores the poignant, painful and in-depth life of the roadside drug abusers of Delhi, who are also considered as dangerous, untouchables of untouchables and menace to the society.

2. Kinnar, A Heart touching story of a transgender and their daily life challenges in todays society.

3. Love at first sight’- The simplest and sweetest form of love. But what happens when this love takes a sharp diabolical turn, shoots up to reach it’s superlative degree and transitions into madness.

4. A story by the Youtubers over everything Youtube can be. Two people who hold different views to travel, what would be the twist of fate when views on social media find a whole new meaning for them?

5. The film is aimed at bringing out the fear, the frustration and the helplessness of a women who is physically abused by her own husband, each day, through a story that is being narrated by a middle aged women to a novelist. The narration and the story runs parallel in the film.

6. Little Warriors

7. The Fridge

8. Khanabadosh

9. Monuments of Enlightenment

Lots of content like this available on MX Player and many more to come very soon.

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